ECI 306 Middle Years Reading: Getting Graphic




Graphic novels, comics, and graphic nonfiction continue to grow in popularity with young adult and adult readers alike.  They also continue to be recognized more and more as serious literature rather than just as simple comic books.  The purpose of this blog is to consider graphic novels and graphic nonfiction seriously, especially their potential for use in middle schools and the extent to which they might be integrated into middle grades content area instruction.

This blog features reviews of specific graphic novels and nonfiction titles composed by pre-service teachers – reviews that provide candid assessments of how particular graphic novels and nonfiction may or may not work well in middle grades content area teaching and learning.

We hope you find the information and resources created and referenced here helpful.


Dr. Young, Margaret Dulaney, and the Students of ECI 306
Note: This blog is a companion site to the  course wikis for ECI 306